March 10, 2017

Shizukumiya Festival

Let's enjoy a Sake Festival on this end of winter !

Do not miss the sake barrel mikoshi, portable shrine, carried by the local youth. Colorful, and full of energetic people, the parade is a must to see ! Children from sport clubs also participate, feel the local atmosphere of this festival.

The Taiko performance and hand-held fireworks are also event to watch at Miyagawa !

And then why do you not try the local sake : “Kami no shizuku” sake, and browse many food stalls.


WHERE  : In front of Jinya, Along Miyagawa river
WHEN : 9;55 in front of Jinya
12:25 along Miyagawa river
13:50 in front of Jinya
14:20 Kanpai
WHAT : parade, market, sake, taiko performance

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