July 27, 2013

Indian curry and rice restaurant  in Takayama

There is a Indian and rice restaurant in Takayama

It is called Maharu. This place is popular to local people owned by people from Nepal.

My recommendation is Lunch menues.

It is 900yen. You can have nann as many as you want.

It is bit far from J-Hoppers.

If you rent a bicycle ,you can go !

Maharu:opening hours11~15 17~23

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July 20, 2013

Gero Onsen Festival

The Annual Gero Onsen Festival

At the beginning of every August in Gero Onsen (Hot Springs), over a period of three days, the town holds a series of festivals as gratitude to the gods for the coming rice harvest. 

This year we will be treated to an extra day!

August 1st (Wed)

from 07:30. Children's Mikoshi (Moving Shinto Shrine)
from 07:30.  High School Music Parade
from 19:30. Ryuujin (Fire Dragon) Fireworks Festival
inc. Huge Fireworks Finale

August 2nd (Thu)

from 18:30. Samba Float Parade (finishes at Yuno Shima Temple)
from 20:00. Gero Community Dance Festival & Fireworks

August 3rd (Fri) 

from 16:00. Harvest Gratitude Festival
from 20:00 - 20:45. Onsen Fireworks Musical  
from 20:45 - 22:30. Gero Dance Finale

August 4th (Sat) from 19:00 - 21:00. Singing Contest 
(Two men in competition to win the beautiful woman's heart!)