March 29, 2016

New bus route running between Takayama and Mt. Fuji

Our beloved Nohi Bus has again given a pleasant surprise by adding a bus bus route from Takayama to Fujisan station from April 15, passing through the theme park Fujikyu Highland, as well as Kawaguchi-ko, on the way. This is indeed good news for me, and I believe, for a lot of tourists as well. Quite a few tourists coming to Takayama pick Fujisan as their next destination and the train ride can be quite a hassle involving multiple transfers.

Whether you are planning to go for some hair-raising or scream-your-heart-out fun at Fujikyu Highland park, or to admire the sea of pink shiba-zakura at Kawaguchi-ko, or to scale the summit of Mt. Fuji and to admire the sea of clouds, this bus will be a transportation means worth considering.

The bus from Takayama departs from 3.30 pm, and arrives at Fujisan station at 8.13pm.
Reservation is required for this bus. 


March 17, 2016

Watanabe Sake Brewery Festival in Hida Furukawa 19,20 March

19, 20th March 9:30-16:00 

You can have special food only for this event

★Grilled River Fish 
★Steamed Bun
★Hand Made Soba Noodle
★Sake Curry

You can try "Sake Tasting Quiz" as well! 

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