April 28, 2011

Shokawa-sakura free shuttle bus!!

Shokawa-sakura is one of famous and old tree in Takayama.

Usually, you need to take a public bus from Takayama station

or drive if you go there.

But they have free shuttle bus from Takayama station this year!!

Here is time table:

There is Onsen at Roadside station!!


April 19, 2011

Spring Light Up !!

Hida Takayama has many fine spots from which you can view magnificent cherry trees in bloom.

The trees are sometimes illuminated in the evening, allowing people to enjoy the flowers all day.
In Takayama there are 2 spots you can enjoy the Illuminated cherry trees.

1: Nakabashi- bridge

Date : 15th April to end of April.
Time: 19:00- 22:00pm

2: Enako river

Date : 15th April to end of April.
Time: 19:00- 22:00pm

Both of the place are about 5 min from J-Hoppers Hida Takayama Guest House.
Please ask the receptionist where on the map.

April 4, 2011

Garyu Cherry Blossoms

Hello I am Matsu from J-Hoppers Hida Takayama.

It seems spring has come.I don't think it will snow any more.

So I need to change the snow tires of my car to normal tires.

By the way ,there is a famous cherry blossom called(
Garyu zakura)in Takayama

Garyu Cherry Blossoms

Being a state-designated natural monument, Garyu Cherry Tree (which literally means ‘The Lying-Dragon Cherry Tree,’ was so named because it resembles a dragon lying on the ground. More than 1,100 years old, with branches 30 meters long, and 20 meters high, this is a spectacular example of Edohigan Cherry Tree (botanical name: Prunus pendula form. ascendens), the symbol of Japan.

Date :9th April~5th May
Access:1 min from Hida ichinomiya station(one stop from Takayama station)


April 1, 2011

Antique Market in Takayama

An antique fair started in 1982.
Held on the first Sunday of the month from April to October.

April 3rd. 9:00-16:00

The streets are temporarily closed to vehicles (called “pedestrians’ paradise”) and over 20 art dealers have stalls on the street.

You will enjoy looking at olden daily-life utensils while strolling down the street.