April 25, 2010

The Boys' Festival(Children's Day)

Hida Takayama Tango-no- Sekku.

Date: 5th May to 5th June
Place: Various locations throughout the city, including tourist facilities and historic houses such as Hida-no-sato(Hida Folk Village)

In Japan,May 5th is called "Kodomo-no-hi".
Traditionally,it is a celebration for boys.
Many families decorate a "kabuto" which is a samurai helmet or a "gogatsu ningyou",
a samurai doll.
It is believed that they protect boys' health and happiness.

We also fly "Koinobori" outside of our houses. Koinobori are big carp-shaped streamers on a long pole.

The pole is about 5-6 meters tall, so on windy days, the carps look like they are swimming in the sky.

They symbolize future success because carps are said to climb waterfalls without giving up.

The song of "Koinobori" says that Koinobori swim freely above the roof in the sky, however now in Japan it is not always in that way anymore.
If you live in a house with a garden, you can set up a tall pole with Koinobori, otherwise miniature Koinobori are hanged with stick outside apartments and condominiums.
Some family don't set up Koinobori anymore, they donate Koinobori to city , groups.
They set up many Koinobori along the river and building.

I found one group of Koinobori at GERO city.

April 11, 2010

Takayama festival on 14th and 15th April

The Takayama festival will be held on 14th and 15th April.It is known as one of the three most beautiful festivals of Japan. Ornate floats crafted by Hida artisans are pulled around and Takayama becomes truly energetic.

In the evening on 14th,the floats with lanterns are paraded through the town and the procession is accompanied by sacred music.

It's only a couple of minutes to see the festival from J-hoppers.

April 8, 2010

Let's experience the Japanese Alps

As most of you already know Kamikochi is closed during the winter season from the guide books. But it will be open again on the 27th of April (Tuesday)

The opening festival is held by Kappa Bridge from 10:50

Visit the following website for the time table for the bus;


Transfer at Hirayu Onsen and then


Enjoy the nature
Stroll through the Japanese Alps
Full of verdure;
Commence to revive, thus the beauty reveals