December 10, 2015

Snow tire for a rental car.

It is winter time now in Japan

It snowed in Takayama last week

Roads in Takayama are very icy and slippery.

We will have a heavy fall of snow soon.

If you rent a car from somewhere like Nagoya Tokyo ,Osaka, please ask staff if the rent car wear snow tires.Otherwise you would have a trouble when you drive to Takayama.

It is because Takayama is snowy place where you must  use snow tires for your car.

I also recommend you to have 4-wheel drive car for rent.
Please be careful for driving to Takayama.

December 5, 2015

Lantern Illumination at Old town 2015

 Lantern Illumination at Old town
18th 19th December, 2015

Time: 18:00-20:30

Special event
①Photo session with Rickshow
②Sake and Sweet Sake tasting 
③Magic Show at Funasaka Brewery 19:30-19:50

November 20, 2015

Shinhotaka Ropeway and Hirayuno Mori will be closed for maintenance work.



Shinhotaka Ropeway maintenance
 30th November-4th December, 2015 5days
(All the restaurants and shops are closed )

Hirayuno Mori maintenance
 7th December-11th December, 2015, 5days

※Will be closed 17:00 on 6th December
※Will open again 12:00 o'clock 12th Decemer 

Please check your schedule carefully 
if you have plan to go Hirayu and Shinhotaka!!