April 10, 2017

Spring festival

 One of the three most beautiful festival in Japan !

Registered as a UNESCO world heritage since last year.

The festival is a most to see at Takayama on April.
Let's enjoy the floats and mikoshi parade in the old street and along the river.
Do not miss the "Karakuri" show, on the top of four of the floats enjoy a traditionnal puppets show - sometimes more than 10 men are needed to perform.

The show can be seen on the 14th between 10:00~10:50 then 14:00~14:50, and on the 15th between 11:00~11:50 then 14:30~15:20.

However the must see of the Spring Festival is the night parade on the 14th night from 18:30 to 21:00. The parade is departing form Shinmei-machi going north up to Uenomachi and then turning on the Yasugawa avenue.

Let's enjoy the Spring Festival !

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