July 18, 2009

Lightning up

Lightning up (Nakabashi Bridge)

11th of July~16th of August 19:30~22:00
Place :Nakabashi Bridge(5minutes walk from Takayama J-hoppers)

Nakabashi Bridge and Miyagawa river has been illuminated to create
a fantastic landscape.
It has been hot outside daytime in Takayama but after evening it is
the best time to chill out.
The atomosphere of day time in Takayama is totally different from night time.
It is so quite.That is what I like.Why don't you go for a walk to see a fantastic landscape.

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July 8, 2009

Neighborhood Map

J-hoppers Hida Takayama Guesthouse made a great Map of Takayama!!

This map puts a lot of useful information about Takayama-city.

For example, place to eat, ATM, convinience store, supermarkets, and good bar.

If you have this map, it will make your travel easier.

You can get this great map at the reception in J-Hoppers Hida Takayama Guesthouse!!

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June 4, 2009

Utsue Forty-eight Waterfalls and The Forest of Wild Flowers

Into the wild, where one can find peace; very soothing atomosphere and it refreshes the spirit. .
It's such a scene during May and August.
The waterfalls are about a couple minutes away from the wild flower park.
It takes about 60 mins to get to the top (1200 meter high)

May ~ June: Japanese Primrose (クレンソウ(九輪草)
June ~ July: Bamboo Lily    (ササユリ (笹百合)
July ~ August: Hydrangea    (アジサイ (紫陽花)

Get on the JR from Takayama station heading towards Inotani
Get off at Kokufu statioin (about 10 mins from Takayama station)
There's a free shuttle bus that one could utilize to go to the near by hot spring
another 10 mins. on the bus, you shall commence to see and smell the wonderworld!

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May 30, 2009

Hida Kiyomi Lavender Fair

The Lavender Fair shall take place in Hida Kiyomi from the 20th of June to 12th of July. There's about 10 thousand lavenders planted at the fair; the sweet and gentle scent shall mingle with the fresh air where one can find relief. . on Saturday and Sunday there's also a market where one can purchase lavender incense and dried lavender flowers.
Access: Get on Nohi bus at Takayama Station. Mikka machi, Kiyomi line. It takes about 20 min. Get off at B & G Mae, which is just a station away from Mikka machi.
Bus fee: 420 yen. There's no entrance fee.

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May 22, 2009

Garakuta Fair (Jumble market)

An antique fair started in 1982.
Held on the first Sunday of the month from April to October.

The streets are temporarily closed to vehicles (called “pedestrians’ paradise”) and over 20 art dealers have stalls on the street.

You will enjoy looking at olden daily-life utensils while strolling down the street.

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May 21, 2009

Road to Kamikouchi open

Road to Kamikouchi was closed to traffic due to landslides for while.It was supposed to be opend tommorow but it has been opned the morning today.

Kamikouchi official site in English is here

Please feel free to ask for more imfor mation.

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May 18, 2009

Typical tourist sights

Since this is a first posting, I would like to introduce typical tourist sights.

1. Old private houses
Takayama is a castle town at the foot of Takayama Castle, built in the 16th century. It is a town of old wooden houses with lattice standing side-by-side. This district was designated an area of important traditional buildings by the Japanese Government.

2. Takayama Jinya (Historical Government House)
It is an old government office in the Edo period.

3. Morning market
It's a local market selling local products.

4. Hida Falk Village
It is an open air museum exhibiting farmhouses. There are lots of gassho-zukuri houses with thatched roofs, which moved here from Shirakawa-go region. All exhibited buildings are carefully preserved, and are displayed utensils, too.
An old private house in the Hida Folk Village offers several lesson programs such as Sarubobo charms, straw crafts, and printing with vegetable dye. You can enjoy these crafts as hands-on experience.

5. Shirakawago
Gassho-zukuri Village in Shirakawa-go were listed as sites of The World Heritage. The atmosphere of the villages with traditional houses standing side by side looks just like a fairy tale.
Houses built in the "gassho style" are defined as having a roof in the shape of a triangle, similar to hands folded in prayer.

6. Gero Hot Spring
Gero Onsen one of the top three spas in Japan. One spa, Nigorigo Onsen, is open year round and is located at the highest altitude of any spa in Japan.
This hot spring is also well-known for the effective of beauty because of the smooth touch of water. There are some foot baths in the town, which you can enjoy while strolling at free of charge.

7. Hida Furukawa
The main two traditional economies are the production of sake and Japanese candles. Crafts such as Ichii-Itto Bori (One Knife Carving) or Hida Shunkei (lacquer ware maintaining the beauty of wood pattern) are flourished. Variety festivals has been held all over the year.

8. Okuhida
It is located in the northern part of Gifu. There are lots of Hot springs places such as Hirayu, Fukuji, Shin-Hirayu, Tochio, and Shin-Hodaka around Japan Alps.
Hirayu Onsen Hot spring has developed and been known as the healing springs since someone found a old monkey healing its wound with hot springs in the middle of 16th century. Hirayu-otaki Falls is not far from the town. the frozen waterfall is illuminated by light in winter.

The Shin-Hodaka-onsen Hot Spring is known for the open-air bath to many alpinists as a healing spring. This Shin-Hodaka-onsen Hot Spring is a mountain-climbing base of the Northern Japan Alps.

9. Shopping
Takayama is also well-known place for traditional crafts. On San-machi-suji ave in Takayama city is lined with stores selling the traditional wares and craftman's workshop.

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