February 28, 2017

Ji-Kabuki and Sake Night

A Night for Jikabuki and Jizake (local sake) in Hida-Takayama

If Ji-Kabuki is an art from Gero it is quite rare to see it in Takayama and even rarer to see it with English subtitle. However GreenHotel is holding an event where even foreigners can enjoy this performance, and it's free !

In March you can still view it on the 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th.
The performance starts at 21:00 and lasts 2 hours.
The performance changes every nights.

The local sake bar opens at 20:30 and the costs varies.
Snacks also available.

"Takayama is a popular sightseeing spot in Japan, known for its picturesque old town that is unchanged from the Edo period, its morning market, and one of the most beautiful festivals in Japan, the Takayama Festival.

There is another thing that you should not forget when visiting Takayama: the abundant local sake.  Six historical sake breweries are located in the town for you to visit on foot.

Takayama Green Hotel, which is located near JR Takayama Station, holds a special event where you can enjoy both a Jikabuki performance and the Jizake (local sake) of Takayama at the same time. "-Takayama Greenhotel official page

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