April 30, 2014

Ikibina Matsuri

Ikibina Matsuri

takes place annually on the third of April at the Hida Ichinomiya Minashi Shrine. This traditional festival is conducted to pray for a good harvest and women’s happiness. It is known nationally therefore it attracts many visitors. Nine unmarried women are chosen from the Hida area and dress up as Hina dolls. As Hina dolls they participate in a parade and mochi throwing ceremony. A collaborative event with TV anime show HYOUKA also takes place on this day.

Every year :3rd April


Hida Ichinomiya Minashi Shrine (5323 Ichinomiyamachi, Takayama)


10 minutes walk from JR Hida-Ichinomiya Station

April 27, 2014

Celebrate Children's Day in Hida folk village!

Japanese people celebrate Children's day in May!
Normally we display "Koinobori" which called carp banner in English to celebrate it.

Here is a big chance to see rare "Koinobori" in Takayama.
Hida folk village will display "9m Koinobori" made of Japanese paper. 
How big it is!
And it is made of Japanese traditional papers!
Even for me, I have not seen Koinobori like that before!
Now you have a chance to see if you stay in Takayama^^

Moreover, you can enjoy a concert with Japanese traditional instruments : Shamisen and drums.
It sounds powerful and fun!

We still have room for available during Japanese Holiday week.
(May 3rd and 4th have been already fully booked so far...)

Let's stay with us in May and have a nice Japanese experience in Hida folk village!
Please feel free to contact us about accommodation and event in Takayama!

■Event details
<Koinobori and doll desplay>
Date : May 1st to June 5th

<concert with Shamisen and Drams> 
Date : May 3rd and 4th
Start Time : 11:00 or 13:30 (about 30 min for the performance)

■Fee for Hida folk village 
Adults : 700 yen
Children under 15 years old : 200 yen

■Open time
8:30 to 17:00 everday

10 min from Takayama Nohi bus terminal by bus
30 min walk from J-hoppers Hida Takayama

■Information about Hida folk village
website :  http://www.hidanosato-tpo.jp/english12.htm


April 5, 2014

Takayama Spring Festival 2014

Takayama Spring Festival 2014

Every year during April 14th - 15th*, Takayama welcomes in spring by hosting one of Japan's biggest and most famous festivals.


The Floats ( Various times / 14th-15th April*)

During this year's spring festival three magnificently crafted floats will be paraded around the streets of the old town.

We will be able to supply further details and time schedules of the floats procession when we are notified. 

The first float is Sanbaso (三番叟),

石橋台The second being Ryuujintai (龍神台

and the last being Shakkyotai (石橋台)

Karakuri Marionette Performance (14th-15th April*)

Twice a day morning and afternoon the floats will come to rest. During this time, atop each float the Karakuri dolls will come to life in traditional performances and dances. Each doll is intricately controlled by professional puppeteers.

Night Festival ( From 18:30 / April 14th*)

During the early evening when it's become dark, all 12 of Takayama's current floats are decorated with multiple beautifully illuminated lanterns as children with their variety of instruments climb up onto the second floor of the float. They are then paraded around the old town (though not always so gingerly!) by groups of local men.

Upon arrival to Takayama we can supply you with further information as we receive it.

*Please note that the festival will be postponed or even cancelled in the event of rain or other unfavorable weather conditions.

We hope to see you here in time for the festival!