January 14, 2011

"Santera Mairi" in Hida Furukawa

"Santera Mairi" is a traditional buddhism event
continues over 300 years in Hida Furukawa.

People visit three temples in town to appreciate
great achievement of Saint Shinran who started Shingonsyu.

At meiji era, many girls in Hida go to Shinsyu(Nagano)
away from their home to work.

They return to Hida spending new year's holidays with their family.

"Santera mairi" was the only chance for people
to find a nice girl as a bride for their son.

From this episode, "Santera Mairi" is now known as a event
that people find their marriage.

【Date】15 January


【Place】@Seto Canal in Hida Furukawa

January 11, 2011

Visit to Japanese traditional Sake brewery!!

Have you visit traditional Japanese sake brewery???
Takayama, we are blessed with a nice climate and good quality water from beautiful mountains.

Seven sake breweries open their brewing facilities, which are not open to visitors at other times, for a period of one week in turn. After the guided tour of the brewery, sake is offered to visitors for sampling. In addition, a commemorative golden sake cup made specially in Hida Takayama is presented to each visitor.

Date: 18th Jan to 7th March
Place: Sake Breweries in the city

A:Hirata brewery
18th Jan to 24th Jan

B: Harada brewery
25th Jan to 31st Jan

C: Kawajiri brewery
1st Feb to 7th Feb

D: Niki brewery
8th Feb to 14th Feb

E: Hirase brewery
15th Feb to 21st Feb

F: Tanabe brewery
22nd Feb to 28th feb

G: Funasaka brewery
1st March to 7th March

January 5, 2011

Shirawago~light up~2011

Hi there ,I am Matsu from J-Hoppers Hida Takayama guesthouse.

This year, it hasn't snowed as much as usual in Takayama.

For local people like me, it is really good thing because we don't need to shovel snows.

By the way,Shirakawago(world heritage village) will be lit up from this month to February on weekend.

Schedule for light up

22th(Saturday) January
29th January(Saturday)
5th February(Saturday)
6th February(Sunday)
19th February(Saturday)

You can go to Shirakawago by Bus called Nohi Bus.

This is the timetable as below