January 13, 2014

"Hida no Sato" Light-up Event!! (until Feb 28th)

Do you know "Hida no Sato" in Takayama?

It's a museum that you can see same buildings as Shirakawago(UNESCO world heritage site).
They held Light-up event every day until Feb 28th.
Normally the entrance fee is 700 yen, but it's only 300 yen for it.

And the bus fee going there is 200 yen for one-way.

If you couldn't get the bus ticket for Shirakawago light-up event or you feel too expensive to go to Shirakawgo light-up event, we absolutely recommend this opportunity!

"Hida no Sato" is not UNESCO world heritage site, but I think you can feel same atmosphere as Shirakawago!

It must be a great idea that you go to Shirakawago in the day time with J-hop tour and go to Light-up event in the night! It's affordable and you can enjoy two faces of the traditional old houses!

We are waiting you at J-hoppers Hida Takayama^^
Let's join us!

Hida no Sato Light-up event (until Feb 28th)

●Entrance fee : 300 yen (Adults)  
                      100 yen (children under 12 years old)

●Bus to get there : 200 yen (Adults)
   for one-way       100 yen (children under 12 years old)

<Time schedule>
Takayama Nohi Bus center :      17:55     18:55     19:55
                                               ↓           ↓        ↓
Hida no sato                    :       18:08    19:08       20:08
Hida no sato                     :      18:50     19:50    20:50
                                                ↓          ↓        ↓
Takayama Nohi Bus center  :      19:03    20:03      21:03

●Hida no Sato official website as below, 

January 7, 2014

Crystal Ice Forest Tour

Crystal Ice Forest Tour (3300 yen →If you stay at J-Hoppers Hida Takayama)

The crystal ice forest is located in Akigami Onsen. It is 50 minutes from Takayama by bus) It is made by water is sprayed on the trees in the forest. You can enjoy mysterious and fantastic scene, especially the world of ice of cobalt blue in the morning tour and illuminations in the afternoon tour.

 Please check the tour details and schedule below


Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from Jan. 2 through Mar. 20.

If you stay at J-Hoppers Hida Takayama,you get 500yen  discount.
It is 3300 yen.

If you are interested in the the tour,please ask at J-Hop Tour 

http://tour.j-hoppers.com/    email: tour@j-hoppers.com


January 6, 2014

24th Day Market & Fair

The 24th Day Market & Fair




Every year on January 24th, a very long stretch of road is closed off to make way for Takayama's biggest market event of the year, the Nijuuyokka-Ichi.


Nijuuyokka Ichi has been held every year since 1872! 

At this market, local farmers and citizens set up a massive array of stalls selling a variety of goods such as local food, vegetables, handmade crafts and clothes, antiques and much more!


The market takes place for only one day and is currently held on two main streets, Honmachi-dori & Yasugawa-dori.  

When?: Friday, January 24th 2014 [10am - 5pm]

Where?: Honmachi-dori & Yasugawa-dori


Access from J-Hoppers is convenient, exiting J-Hoppers to the right, walk straight up the road and you will arrive in just 5 minutes.