February 21, 2014

Takayama Hina Doll Festival♡

Do you know we celebrate the Girls' festival on March 3rd in Japan?
We decorate with Hina Doll to celebrate for girls.
Each doll has different faces because it's hand-made.

You can see many kinds of dolls in Takayama from March 1st to April 3rd.
This period, you can join the event "Stamp Rally" that you visit some places to see the dolls and collect stamps. 
If you collect the stamps, you can get a special souvenir!!
It's not only a fun activity, but also you can feel Japanese culture.

If you know "Hyoka" which is Japanese animation and is set in Takayama, there is a special course for it. And if you follow the course and correct some stamps, you can get "Hyoka" original goods as below.

It's only this season to see Hina Doll in Japan!
Why don't you visit Takayama and join the "Stamp Rally" event?
It must be interesting^^
When you come to J-hoppers, we will give you more information about the event!

We look forward to seeing you in Takayama!

<Takayama Hina Doll Festival>
■Date: March 1st to April 3rd
■Place: Takayama city
■Website :  http://www.hida.jp/english/events/event-calendar/event-calendar-april

February 8, 2014

Hirayu Otaki Illumination

Frozen Hirayu Otaki & Illumination

Every year during mid winter, after weeks upon weeks of sub-zero temperatures, the largest waterfall in the Hirayu Hot-spring area freezes up completely to become a beautiful spectacle of nature.

From the 15th-25th February 2014, the entire Hirayu Otaki Waterfall will also be beautifully illuminated.

Everyday 15th-25th February 2014
From 18:00 til 21:00

Where?: Hirayu Onsen-go (Next to the Hirayu Onsen Ski Area)


By Car: 50 mins to 1 hour + 10 mins walk

Coming from Takayama, just before you enter Hirayu Onsen-go (Hot-spring) you should see a Eneos Gas Station on the left, before the Station please take a right turn and then continue on up the hill until you reach the car park.

By Bus: 1 hour + 15 mins walk

Depart from Takayama Bus Terminal and then disembark at the "Hirayu Camp Area" bus stop. From here, continue past the ski area and on up the hill until you reach the waterfall.
It will take roughly 15 minutes walk.

How much?: 

There is no entrance fee to the waterfall, however if you decide to come by car there is a 500 yen car park fee!