July 26, 2010

Hand Holding FireWorks.

On the 9th of August, there is a fireworks event in Takayama.

It called "Tedutsu Hanabi" (Hand holding fireworks).
Tedutu Hanabi is fireworks that pack gunpowder into one-meter bamboo tube, and do while holding it by the person. Tesutsu fireworks are fireworks of not the launch type but the blowing up type, and when it is large, the pillar of fire becomes as much as ten-odd meters.

This event also for the ceremony to drive away evil spirits.
Let's go to see this and get a good luck.

July 24, 2010

Sumo Wrestlers's Camp & Dosukoi Festival @ Hida Asahi village

Have you seen Sumo Wrestler?

You have chance to see Sumo Wrestlers's Camp

on 29 and 30 July
at the roadside station

of Hida Asahi villege.

You can feel free to see their sumo practice

between 8am-10am.

And there will be a festival on 31 July.

★Dosukoi Festival★


You can see their sumo practice




Traditional Dance and Fireworks(20:00~)

The roadside station of Hida Asahi villege.

Nohi Bus: For Takane

You need to get off Asahi shisyo mae and walk 3 min.

Oneway: 880 yen by bus from Takayama station.

big map

July 15, 2010

Takayama Fireworks event!!

Takayama Fireworks event!!

It is going to be 52th fireworks event in Takayama.We have this once a year.So you can't miss it!!
There are so mamy types of firework such as Niagara Falls,Melody firework....etc.

There is fireworks event held at miyagawa river.
· date :2010年7月28日(Wed)
· time:19:30~20:30
· how many fireworks:about 2000 fireworks
· place:miyagawa river (5minutes walk from J-hoppers)