October 20, 2013

Autumn Foliage in Takayama

Leaf peeping in Takayama!

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c2/Nakabashi%27s_Snowy_Autumn.JPGIt's that time of the year again, and the maple's crimson red leaves are starting to appear in Takayama City.

Due to the massive difference in elevation in and around Takayama, leaf peeping can be done anytime from the start of September in the mountains to the start of November in Takayama City.

Due to the warmer weather we had earlier this month, this year's colours will be about a week or two delayed.

Below lists this year's best viewing spots:

Hida Folk Village
Best Period: Late October - Middle of November
Elevation: ~689m
As of 20/10/2013:  Colourful!

Illumination Event from 18th October - 10th November
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday
From 5:30pm until 10:00pm
Admission: 300 Yen

Shirakawa-go Village
Elevation: ~ 450m
Best Period:  Late October - Mid November
As of 20/10/2013: Starting!

Elevation: ~ 1,400m
Best Period: Early October - Late October
As of 20/10/2013: Finishing..

Shinhodaka Ropeway
Elevation: ~2,156m
Best Period: Late September - Late October
As of 20/10/2013: Finished..

Seseragi Road (Seseragi Kaido)
Elevation: ~700m-1,050m
Best Period: Mid October - Mid November
As of 20/10/2013: Starting!

Mount Norikura
Elevation: ~2,700m - 3,025m
Best Period: Mid September - Mid October
As of 20/10/2013: Finished.. (Snowy!)

Hirayu Onsen
Elevation: ~1,300m
Best Period: Early October - Late October
As of 20/10/2013:  Colourful!

October 8, 2013

Bus tour to Doburoku Festival at Shirakawa-go!

Date : October 14th to 19th, 2013!!

Doburoku festival is an annual Shinto event taking place at Shirakawa-go.
Doburoku is a milky white, unrefined sake made from rice, rice malt, and water.
Doburoku is brewed from January through October, the festival is the first day we can drink the NEW doburoku!!
You can see traditional performances such as Shishimai, folk songs as well. Let’s visit the festival with us!!

Itinerary for bus tour to Doburoku Festival at Shirakawa-go
Itinerary at a glance(Times may be subject to change)
13:20 Depart Takayama station
14:10 Arrive Shirakawa-go
Staying time at the village 3hours Doburoku Festival
Free self walk around the village
17:10 Depart Shirakawa-go
18:00 Arrive Takayama station

The place where the festival is to be held
OCT 14, 15 Shirakawa Hachiman Shrine
OCT 16, 17 Hatogaya Hachiman Shrine
OCT 18, 19 Iijima Hachiman Shrine

Tour Fees (Round-trip, per person)
Adults: 3,800 YEN
Children : 2,000 YEN
Infants: FREE
(You need to buy the specific cup to drink doburoku for 400yen, it is not included)

Children : 12 years and under with seat, Infants : 5 years and under with no seat
— Special Discount —
*For guests staying at J-Hoppers Hida-Takayama:3,300 yen
(No discount/special discount for Children and infants)
About payment
Payment on the bus is CASH ONLY.
Advanced payment by credit card available at J-Hop Tour Office.(08:00 to 22:00)
Please choose the afternoon tour of the date you would like to join.
Afternoon tour from October 14th to 19th will be a special bus tour to doburoku festival

October 1, 2013

October in Takayama

October Festivals & Events in Takayama

Every October, the Hida-Takayama area celebrates the coming of Autumn, the changing of the leaves' colors and the harvesting of crops with a many festivals and events.

(Time ordered list of events and schedules for October 2013)

Event: Nakabashi Bridge & Enako River Illumination
Where: 5 and 10 mins walk from J-Hoppers (Furumachi District Area)
Everyday from October 'til the end of November (18:30 - 22:00)
Price: Free!

You can see the beautiful autumn colours illuminated during the night.

Event: Garakuta Antique Fair
Sanmachi Dori, on the right, 5 mins down the road from J-Hoppers.
When: 6th of October from 09:00 - 16:00

A famous Takayama Antique Fair that also sells various foods, arts and souvenirs

Event: Takayama Annual Autumn Festival
Where: Various places within Takayama City
When: 9th October (All day), 10th October (Morning & Afternoon)

The most famous festival in this part of Japan,
(further details can be found in the next blog)

Event: Hida Folk Village Autumn Illumination
Where: Hida Folk Village (30 mins walk or 5 mins by bus)
Everyday from 18th October 'til the 10th November (17:30 - 21:00)
Price: Adult 300 Yen / Children 100 Yen

View the beautiful illuminated autumn colours together with traditional Japanese alpine style houses, you can also try some mushroom tea for free!