March 31, 2014

Hida Ichi no Miya Hina Doll Festival

第62回飛騨生きびな祭Hida Ichi no Miya
63rd Hina Matsuri Festival
w/ Hyoka Anime!

What is it?

Every year in March, beautiful arrays of ornamental dolls can be seen in various places a custom which has its roots back in the Heian period of Japan.

Formerly, people believed the dolls possessed the power to contain bad spirits and at one time these dolls would be sent afloat down the river, supposedly taking troubles or bad spirits with them.

Normally known in English as the "Hina Doll Festival" or "Girls' Day", it normally takes place on the 3rd of March however, because the Takayama area is colder than most parts of southern Japan, the festival is always delayed by one month!

Outside of Takayama City, in the small town of "Ichi no Miya" sightseers will be able to see these dolls for themselves and if you happen to be a fan of Takayama's own "Hyoka" anime series, you will be glad to hear that various themed events will be taking place.

When is it?

3rd of April 2014 (All Day)

Where is it?

Hida Ichi no Miya, Garyuu Park

You can access this park via train from Takayama station by getting off at Hida Ichi no Miya Station. You should then take the back exit by using the overpass bridge and you will see the park on your right hand side.

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