March 30, 2014

Free Takayama Walking Tour from April♡

You can enjoy Takayama town by yourself  easily.However, if you would like to see Takayama and know Japanese culture deeply, I totally recommend to join "Takayama Waling Tour"!

The tour will bring you the place which most travelers miss and the local tour guide will tell you traditional Japanese customs, rituals, and practices.

Also, you can visit a sake brewery and learn the history and the process of sake production.
Takayama is very famous for Japanese sake, so it's gonna be very nice experience for you.

And we had a big news!
It was 1,500 yen for the tour before.
BUT it's gonna be for FREE from this April!!!!!!
There is no reason you don't take the tour, isn't it?

The tour details are as below, please check it out.
If you had any questions, please feel free to ask to the reception^^

■Schedule <2 hour tour>

9:00  Meet at iSite TAKAYAMA Tour desk
11:00 Finish at Hirase Sake Brewery

■Price : FREE

■Date of Operation : Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

■Website :

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