December 2, 2013

December @ Hida Folk Village

This December, Takayama's Hida Folk Village will be holding an array of events that you may want to visit!


A Snowy Hida Folk VillageHida Folk Village will be beautifully illuminated with various coloured lights.
It looks especially magical with the heavy snow cover.

When: From 21/12/13 until 25/12/13  (Christmas Light-Up)

From 11/01/14 until 28/02/14
(Winter Light-Up)
Everyday from 5:30pm until 9pm
Shimenawa Demonstration:

Shimenawa is a rice straw rope that is used for ritual purification that originates in Japan's Shinto religion. It is used to enclose areas that are deemed sacred with the purpose to ward off evil spirits and can often be seen at Shinto shrines and various sacred landmarks.

For 3 days each year, you can watch people making and setting up the Shimenawa.

When: from 06/12/13 until 08/12/13
          from 10am until 3pm

Okagami and Hanamochi Making:

Okagami and Hanamochi are traditional decorations made of rice cakes and used as a New Year's decoration for homes. You can watch the staff making them!

Where: Maeda Residence

Sat 04/12/13 & Sun 05/12/13
from 10am until 3pm

Entrance Fee: Adult 700yen
                    Children 200yen
                    (Illumination Hours: 300yen)

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