December 21, 2013

Hyotenka no Mori Tour

Hyotenka no Mori 
(The Crystal Forest)

Hyotenka no Mori is an Ice Festival in a small onsen located south-eastwards in the upper outskirts of Takayama and due to the location and elevation it experiences continual freezing temperatures during the winter season.

The trees and scenery is coated in a thick, glossy layer of ice and is illuminated beautifully during the evening. It is a truly magical experience and well worth seeing! You can even try drinking from a cup made of ice if you're feeling daring enough!

This year, iSite Takayama is providing a return bus service w/ tour to Hyotenka no Mori for only 3,800 yen/pp (500 yen discount for J-Hoppers Guests)

This service will run from January 2nd until March 20th 2014. There will be a morning tour departing at 9:30am and an evening tour departing at 4:00pm every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday.

Morning Tour: 

Depart Takayama Station: 9:30 / Arrive Hyotenka no Mori: 10:30
       (1 Hour Free Time)
Depart Hyotenka no Mori  11:30 / Arrive Takayama Station: 12:30~

Evening Tour: 

Depart Takayama Station: 16:00 / Arrive Hyotenka no Mori: 17:00
       (1 Hour Free Time)  (Light-up)
Depart Hyotenka no Mori  18:00 / Arrive Takayama Station: 19:00~

(~) Arrival time back at Takayama Station is subject to change due to local weather conditions.

If you're interested in this tour or require any further information, please don't hesitate to contact us directly via phone or email.

Notice: During Mid-January, temperatures in this area usually rise to a maximum of -1c and a minimum of -13c so please dress accordingly. (Snow boots are provided here at J-Hoppers for free or can be rented on the tour for 500 yen)

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