November 17, 2013

Lets go skiing /snow boarding!

Mont Deus ski resort→   (Open from 22nd Dec to 17th March)

There is no English website of the ski resort.

★Access: Suttle bus from Takayama bus center(30 minutes)★
* only weekends available

To go      : Departure  → Takayama bus center 9:10 for the skisort
To return :Departure → Mount deus 16:40for Takayama bus center

There is a station called Hida ichinomiya near Mondeus.
There is free shuttle bus(need a advance reservation) from the station for Mondeus (return to the station as well)

1 day lift ticket included in bus ticket: 2500yen(week day)
1 day lift ticket included in bus ticket: 3500yen(weekend and holiday)
1000yen (Special day)Tuesday and Wednesday)

You can take a lesson of skiing ↓

      Adult                   →3500yen for half day.  4500yen for one day
 Kid(from 4 years old)   →4000yne for half day.  5500yne for one day

There is an easy slope for beginner
Mont Deus ski resort

★Rental ski and snowboarding equipments★

Ski rental:3000yen for adult     2000yen for kid

Snowboard:4000yen for adult   3000yen for kid

★sled course for kids★

★ Snowmobile★(1000yen/30 minutes)

★Information of Ski resorts in Takayama  →

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