April 27, 2015

Tochio Hotspring Sakura Festival

As the cherry blossom trees in the Takayama city gradually shed their petals, rewarding hanami revellers with sakura snowfall, travellers have been asking 'what is next'? Rather than hopping on a bullet train towards Hokkaido, you may actually stay in the Hida area, but venture deeper into the mountain area.

Tochio Hotspring is located in the Oku-Hida area, which is accessible by bus. While you may go during day time, you also have the option of going at night to see the blossoms under the light, which may present you with a different kind of beauty. The light-up event will be held from Apr 23 and May 6, from 7pm to 10.30pm. If you choose to go at night, it may be advisable for you to stay one night there as there will be no public buses running at night.

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