March 3, 2010

Recommended Ramen

Masago Ramen (3minutes from J-Hoppers)

Regular 700yen Large 900yen
Open hours 11:30~18:00
Closed on Wednesday

Basic seasoning/soy souce

Hi there,let me introduce the most delicious Ramen shop in Takayama.I have been eating the Masago soba(Masago Ramen)since I was a kid.I would say masago soba is the best.
If you go there at midday,there are so many customers lining up on the street.
So the best time to go is between 14:00~17:00.
If you have the ramen,you can't stop until the soup is finished.
By the way I always have a large bowl of ramen .Why don't you have Masago Soba?

Please remember that the open hours is only 11:30~17:00