March 1, 2010

A Local Bar Recommended By A Random Barfly

Are you thinking about where to go/what to do in the evening in a small town?
Well, there are a couple bars in Hida Takayama yet, I can only recommend a few.
Having a opportunity to spread my words through this website, I will introduce Rum Dance Hall, a local bar in Hida Takayama. The bartender is an easy going dude, and he will not hesitate to speak to you in his broken English. The small TV hanging in the corner playing a classic film (muted) and a wide variety of tunes are available (great classic Japanese music as well). Get munchies after a drink? Do not worry, he will take care of that!

picture was provided by Robert

Open hour: 20:00~ (usually til 25ish)
Closed on Sunday

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