October 31, 2016

Update on Autumn colors in Takayama (Oct 31)

It was supposed to be your correspondent's day off today but he failed to finish all his work (poor him!) the previous day and had to go reluctantly to work today. But luckily he managed to finish
all the remaining tasks in the morning, and after a quick lunch, and armed with his new iphone (your correspondent dropped his iphone 5 on the ground, broke it, bought a new phone, then dropped it into the toilet in less than two weeks, necessitating the purchase of yet another phone; your correspondent is broke right now), he headed down to the Shiroyama Park to check out the autumn colors. Rumor has it that the autumn colors this year are less vivid than in a regular year because of heavy rainfall in the last few months, and I am afraid I have to agree. But still you can spot trees with vividly red maple leaves here and there in the park. Based on my experience, the autumn colors here are still a week away from its peak, as we are expecting the weather to turn pretty cold next week, which will hopefully speed up the change of colors. So don't forget to check out the Shiroyama park in a week! (Don't forget your bear bell...just in case).


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