April 30, 2016

Mt. Norikura opening

Mt. Norikura, which has been closed during winter, will be open again for visitors from May 15 this year. The Alpine route in Tateyama is of course famous for its snow wall, but though much lesser known, Mt. Norikura also offers a snow wall experience at the beginning of the season, but at a smaller scale. Given the unusually warm winter that just left us, it is worrying how thick the snow will be this year, but let's hope it will not be too disappointing. But anyway, Mt. Norikura has much more to offer as the season gradually moves towards summer. In July and August, it attracts many hikers aiming for the summit at more than 3000 meters, deemed one of the most easily accessible 3000-meter level mountains. See you on the trail!

To go there, you have to first take a bus from Takayama to Honokidaira through the Shinhotaka line, and then from there another bus will take you to Norikura at 2,700 meters above sea-level.
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See you on the trail!


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