October 16, 2015

Autumn coloers around Kamikochi

Kamikochi is one of the most famous Japanese resorts in Japan.

It is located just between Gifu and Nagano and it takes about 1hour and half from Takayama city by bus.

Winter is around the corner, it will be being closed on November 15th until middle of April next year so now is the last chance to visit there and BEST season to see beautiful autumn colors.

Our recommendation is Mt, Yake, that is 2444meters high active volcano.

You can go one day hiking from Kamikochi(approximately 3hours climb, 2hours descent) and can see typical Japanese alps such as Mt, Kasa, Mt, nishihotaka and Mt, Okuho from the peak.

Also Shirakawa-go is going to be beautiful autumn color season at the end of October.

We organize half day bus tour from Takayama everyday.

Guest who stay our guest house can get 500yen discount(4400yen each→3900yen)

Why don't you go there with us!!

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We are looking forward to seeing you!!!

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