June 4, 2014

Mt Norikura

The hiking season has just started in the Japanese Alps

Hiking aroud Norikura
Norikura mountains isn’t as crowded as Kamiko-chi and has some splendid mountain scenery,easy hiking trails.

A bus take you to a bus stop called Tatamidaira(2700m above the sea level).When you get off the bus .you can enjoy
alpine plants and hiking. Also you can see snow walls on the way to bus stop.Why don’t you do a day trip for Norikura.?

 You can take nohi bus [Takayama →Honokidaira ski resort →Norikura(Tatamidaira)]

Nohi bus

 It takes about 1 and half hour  to get there from Takayama

Mt Norikura from Takayama city.

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