May 30, 2014

Let's enjoy nature with ALPS Hello 80 ticket!

Are you thinking how many night you will stay in Takayama?
I recommend to stay here for 3 or 4 nights for mountain lovers, because super value ticket is now on sale! 

<ALPS Hello 80 ticket> 

Adults: 8,000 yen  Child: 4000 yen

It's included tickets as below,

1. The bus fee between Takayama and Shin-Hotaka
It's valid for 4 days, you can use anytime.
This ticket is including Rope-way fee.
From the Rope-way, you can see beautiful mountain view! 

2. The bus fee between Hirayu Onsen to Kamikochi
It's for a round trip. 
Kamikochi is a national park which is surrounded fresh green and beautiful river.
You can feel fresh air and refresh your feeling.
I absolutely recommend to go there especially in summer. It's so cool there.

3. The bus fee between Hiyayu Onsen to Norikura
It's for a round trip.
You can go to 2,700m area by this bus.
Still snow there even it's June, and you can see mountain flowers and trees in that area.
If you feel tired of hot temperature, I recommend to go there and heal with cool air!

My recommendation with ALPS Hello ticket ↓↓

1 day : Visit Takayama Town (Old house area) for half day

2 day : Go to Kamikochi for Hiking for 1 day

3 day : Go to Shin-Hotara and take rope-way and take a nice Onsen there

4 day : Go to Norikura for 1 day

5 day : Visit Shirakawago with J-hop tour for half day

Now you can see fresh green around Takayama, so I recommend to go to mountain area NOW!
It must be beautiful and make your mind refresh!

If you have some questions or get more information about it, please feel free to J-hoppers staff!
We still have enough room for available in June.
Let's stay with us and enjoy nature!

We hope to see you in the near future:)

■ You can get the ticket at Nohi bus center :  TEL: 0577-32-1688 (Domestic)
■ Time schedule for the bus :

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