January 6, 2014

24th Day Market & Fair

The 24th Day Market & Fair




Every year on January 24th, a very long stretch of road is closed off to make way for Takayama's biggest market event of the year, the Nijuuyokka-Ichi.


Nijuuyokka Ichi has been held every year since 1872! 

At this market, local farmers and citizens set up a massive array of stalls selling a variety of goods such as local food, vegetables, handmade crafts and clothes, antiques and much more!


The market takes place for only one day and is currently held on two main streets, Honmachi-dori & Yasugawa-dori.  

When?: Friday, January 24th 2014 [10am - 5pm]

Where?: Honmachi-dori & Yasugawa-dori


Access from J-Hoppers is convenient, exiting J-Hoppers to the right, walk straight up the road and you will arrive in just 5 minutes.




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