June 29, 2013

Summer Fireworks Festivals

Takayama Summer Fireworks Festivals

Firework festivals are held all over Japan during the summer, and Takayama is no exception!

Every mid-summer in Takayama, two fireworks festivals are held in the middle of the Miyagawa River that channels right through the centre of the city.

An impressive amount of fireworks and rockets will colour the night sky during the 31st July and then just a week later, there will be another fireworks event in which men grasp the rockets in their arms and then in a rather dangerous yet courageous act, proceed to ignite them whilst holding! (Don't try this at home!) 

This year's first fireworks festival can be viewed from many places in central Takayama, but we personally recommend visiting Miyagawa Riverbank Park as the fireworks will take place a little further down the river.

This year's hand held fireworks festival (Tezutsu Hanabi) can be seen near the Yayoi Bridge in central Takayama.

56th Summer Fireworks Festival
Place: Miyagawa Riverbank Park (宮川緑地公園)

Date and Time: Wed, July 31 [19:30-21:00]*

30th Hand Held Fireworks Festival
Place: Yayoi Bridge (`弥生橋下流)

Date and Time: Fri, Aug 9 [19:30-21:00]*

Access: 10 Min by Bus from Takayama Station
             20 Min on Foot from J-Hoppers

*Subject to be postponed if weather conditions aren't suitable.

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