June 10, 2012

Public bath: Takanoyu!!

Have you tried Onsen?

If you like to take a bath, I recommend "Public bath (Sento)", also!!

In Edo period, most building were made of wood and there were a lot of fire.
Even ruling class "Bushi" are permitted to install a bath only in samurai residences called "Bukeyashiki." 

By the 18th century, sentos were loved by people as places not only for bathing but also as places for communicating with others.

Now, some " Sentos" produce their own, design-conscious,bathing goods, while others make the most of their "venues" and host events such as rakugo (traditional Japanese comic monologue performances), small concerts or yoga lessons. 

Although the sento may be changing its form a little, it may always remain a place for people to meet and communicate with others.

There is a Sento called "Takano-yu" in Takayama.
It is one of the old style one around here.

They sometimes have a event like special aroma bath.


Big Map

Open   14:30-22:00

Closed on Wednesday

Fee: 400yen

They have small free rental towel

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