November 16, 2011

Would you like to try local dishes?

I'd like you to introduce the new local dishes restaurant in Takayama.

It is set menu style and you can have free rice refills.

Here are the names of the dishes.

Tsukemono steak ⇒ "pickle with omelette" 700yen
Hoba miso ⇒ "Dipping miso with some vegetable" 600yen
Tofu steak ⇒ "Grilled Tofu" 700yen
Keichan ⇒ "Chicken BBQ, Miso taste" 800yen
Hida Beef⇒ It is local brand beef around here. 1000yen

You also can have some local sake and beer:)


Closed on Mondays

Lunch time 11am-2pm
Dinner time 5pm-12am

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