April 4, 2011

Garyu Cherry Blossoms

Hello I am Matsu from J-Hoppers Hida Takayama.

It seems spring has come.I don't think it will snow any more.

So I need to change the snow tires of my car to normal tires.

By the way ,there is a famous cherry blossom called(
Garyu zakura)in Takayama

Garyu Cherry Blossoms

Being a state-designated natural monument, Garyu Cherry Tree (which literally means ‘The Lying-Dragon Cherry Tree,’ was so named because it resembles a dragon lying on the ground. More than 1,100 years old, with branches 30 meters long, and 20 meters high, this is a spectacular example of Edohigan Cherry Tree (botanical name: Prunus pendula form. ascendens), the symbol of Japan.

Date :9th April~5th May
Access:1 min from Hida ichinomiya station(one stop from Takayama station)


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