June 24, 2010

Memories of the Trip

The rainy season has started in Hida Takayama.

I was looking for something to do when its raining.

I found a place where you can make a memories of your Takayama trip.

Hida Takayama Memory Revival Hall (Hida Omoide Taiken-kan)
This place is near the Hida Folk Village.

You can make ......

Sarubobo (Takayama's traditional lucky charm)

Wood houndstooth check cell phone strap


Hu-rin (wind-chime made of glass)


My favorite work is making a
cracker made from glutinous rice

There are five kiln for the rice cracker grilling.
When the raw material of a thin rice cracker of about seven centimeters in the diameter is burnt, it becomes about three times size.
The taste of the warm rice cracker that is different from shops.
There are soy source taste and salt taste.

*Distance from J-Hoppers
Bus/Car : 10min (200yen one way)
Walk : 20 to 30 min
Bicycle : 15 to 25 min

10:00 to 16:00

Close ... Thursday (except school holiday,
consecutive holidays)