May 24, 2010

Norikura Skyline

Hi there,it has been really hot across Japan hasn't it.
So it is good time to go hiking !!

I introduced one of Hiking place called Kamiko-chi last blog.Today let me introduce another one .
Norikura Skyline (Road for Mt Norikura) has opened.You can travel up the mountain along the Norikura Skyline, Japan’s highest-altitude mountain road.

This high area consisting of 23 ridges, 7 lakes, and 8 plains is collectively referred to as Mt. Norikura. The highest peak is Mt. Kengamine, 3,026 meters above sea level.

Access to Mt Norikura
1 and half hour from Takayama Bus Terminal by Bus.

Open during from 15th May to 31st October.
Road available for 7:00 ~18:00 during May,June,October
for 3:30~18:00 during July,August,September

There are walls of snow over 10 meters high on Norikura Skyline road.You could see that until the end of June.

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