January 6, 2010

Visit Sake Breweries!!

Do you like Japanese Sake??

Takayama’s local sake has been brewed since around the middle of the Edo period (about 300 years ago).
Truly blessed with perfect conditions for brewing sake - the mountains’ pure water, Hida-grown rice, and the climate - this local sake has excellent flavor and body.

There are 8 breweries in the city, each selling its own unique varieties.

Eight sake breweries open their brewing facilities, which are not open to visitors at other times, for a period of one week in turn.

Date: 18th January -- 28th February
Sake Breweries in the city(Please ask the reception for the detail)

After the guided tour of the brewery, sake is offered to visitors for sampling. In addition, a commemorative golden sake cup made specially in Hida Takayama is presented to each visitor.

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