May 30, 2009

Hida Kiyomi Lavender Fair

The Lavender Fair shall take place in Hida Kiyomi from the 20th of June to 12th of July. There's about 10 thousand lavenders planted at the fair; the sweet and gentle scent shall mingle with the fresh air where one can find relief. . on Saturday and Sunday there's also a market where one can purchase lavender incense and dried lavender flowers.
Access: Get on Nohi bus at Takayama Station. Mikka machi, Kiyomi line. It takes about 20 min. Get off at B & G Mae, which is just a station away from Mikka machi.
Bus fee: 420 yen. There's no entrance fee.

***Not Hotel or Ryokan, Budget Accommodation in Hida Takayama ***

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